Smoothie maken met Sunny Mummy

Snelle en gemakkelijke recepten om zwangerschap een boost te geven met Sunny Mummy's Nourish Me! mix

Je voegt onze mixen moeiteloos toe aan je dagelijkse eten en drinken. De eenvoudigste manier om je Sunny Mummy pow(d)er te gebruiken is door het door je yoghurt of havermout te roeren of toe te voegen aan een smoothie.

Hieronder vind je enkele gezonde en lekkere recepten voor wat extra inspiratie!

Nourish Me! Jam Drop Cookies

This recipe is perfect as a healthy sweet snack. Smooth biscuit texture, just the right amount of sweetness and a surprising pop of Nourish Me! jam! If my dog didn't eat these all before I got a chance, I definitely would have eaten them in one afternoon hihi!

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Nourish Me! Pumpkin & Ginger Soup

On a cold night, this delicious soup is sure to warm you up and nourish you all at the same time! Pumpkins have lots of important nutrients that are good for both you and your baby! Pumpkins are rich in fiber, which help to prevent constipation. Pumpkins contain antioxidants and are rich in vitamin A, which support immunity and your skin for that famous "pregnancy glow". Ginger is a great anit-inflammatory ingredient and the orange adds a boost of vitamin C and freshness which I always appreciate in this dish to help balance out the flavours!

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Cool-Calming Nourish Me! Popsicles

During my second and third pregnancies I experienced bad nausea. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and having to run to the bathroom... Even after my stomach was empty, i'd still just feel sick. At some point I would go downstairs and sit by myself in the dark (like a big exhausted weirdo) until the horrible feeling would pass. Often the only thing that would help me to feel better would be a popsicle / waterijs / ice block etc (there are lots of different names depending on your culture). My personal favourites were the Dutch 'Raketjes' but... if I had created Sunny Mummy on time for myself - I would have for sure preferred these ones! Healthy, refreshing, nausea-subsiding and delicious!

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Nourish Me! Pregnancy Gummies

I've heard of people dipping pickles into ice-cream before?! but personally I enjoyed more 'normal' things like ginger, raspberries, oranges and chocolate milk (by the truck loads) when I was expecting.

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Nourish Me! Belly Bliss Balls

I LOVE bliss balls, for some reason they feel like a real fancy treat to me! Besides just being super quick and easy to make, this recipe will also support your nutritional needs during pregnancy in a positive way!

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Zie onze Smoothie Gids voor de perfecte zwangerschaps smoothie!