Smoothie maken met Sunny Mummy

Snelle en gemakkelijke recepten om je borstvoeding een boost te geven met Sunny Mummy's Feed Me! mix

Je voegt onze mixen moeiteloos toe aan je dagelijkse eten en drinken. De eenvoudigste manier om je Sunny Mummy Pow(d)er te gebruiken is door het door je yoghurt of havermout te roeren of toe te voegen aan een smoothie.

Hieronder vind je enkele gezonde en lekkere recepten voor wat extra inspiratie!

Miss Nutrition's Feed Me! Cookies

FAN GIRL MOMENT!!! A few weeks ago I came in contact with Karin from Miss Nutrition. She is a Dutch hormone therapist and nutritionist and I love her work - especially on intagram! As a new mother with PCOS, Karin is doing everything she can to keep her breast milk supply up and flowing (what a champion!). With Sunny Mummy's Feed Me mix, Karin created this delicious healthy cookie recipe to give women a BOOST!

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Feed Me! Boobie-Bars

MY SUPER SUNNY BOOBIE-BARS are SO easy to make, plant based and raw! Just refrigerate and you are good to go! Once you make these bars you will thank yourself for 12 days long! It's no secret that breastfeeding mamas need food that they can eat single handedly! We are busy and awesome at multi-tasking! Can you imagine coming home after some busy errands, putting your little babe down for her morning or afternoon nap and then taking a second of YOU time in your favourite chair? You are holding a large cup of herbal tea in one hand and your daily Super Sunny Boobie-Bar in the other! ...Recharge, refuel and relax mama! Take a deep breath! You deserve it!

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Feed Me! Scones

I remember when Leo was just born and Koen had just gone back to work. It was school holidays and I was recovering from my third caesarean. At home busy with three little ones aged 3 weeks, 22months and 4.5years at the time, I had completely forgotten that I had made a 'kraambezoek' date with a friend of mine! If I ate 'beschuit met muisjes' again - I was going to start turning blue and white. I quickly looked at what other treat I had to offer but the cupboards were basically bare. I saw half a packet of flour, some cream and jam. An old recipe my mum used to make popped into my head! Saved by good Ol' Scones! The most warming, comforting, delicious, fresh and easy-to-eat with one hand (perfect for a breastfeeding Mama) using just a few (Sunny Mummy) ingredients! Winner! Watch out that the rest of the neighbourhood doesn't invite themselves over with the amazing smell! Boost your milk supply!

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Feed Me! Baked Apple

On a cold winter's day I love hot mugs and comfort foods (like every one else). I was feeling creative and saw a mauled apple with a tiny bite taken out of it thanks to my teething 1.5 year old... I could give the apple to our chickens but then I thought, hmmm I have an idea! ...I wonder if it would work if I stuffed the apple with oats and Sunny Mummy's Feed Me! mix and baked it in the air-fryer?! Sounds crazy right?! BUT just 15 minutes later my house smelled amazing AND afterwards - I wished I had made more! Girls ~ this one is seriously delicious! Not only for you but also for your breastfed baby! Why? Because babies love the the taste of cinnamon and vanilla transferred through to your breast milk! Studies have shown babies drink longer after mothers have consumed these sweet and aromatic ingredients! Thanks to the galactagouges in Sunny Mummy's Feed Me! mix + the supply and demand effect, your milk will for sure be boosted! You.are.welcome!

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Feed Me! Eierkoeken

Borstvoeding Mama's hebben on-the-go voedsel nodig! Idealiter iets dat ze met één hand kunnen eten! Dit hoeft niet altijd brood te zijn of gekocht gemaksvoedsel met veel toegevoegde suikers en conserveermiddelen... jij en je baby gaan jullie daar niet lekker van voelen :-( Een typisch voorbeeld hiervan is de klassieke Nederlandse supermarkt eierkoek. Ik ben geen Nederlander maar ik hou wel van eierkoeken! Ik besloot om voor mezelf een gezondere versie te maken! En raad eens, het is supergemakkelijk en aangezien het een Sunny Mummy versie is - het is super voedzaam en delicious! Let's Boost your milk supply!

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Feed Me! Tartlet

We all know that mums (especially breastfeeding mums) are pressed for time. That doesn't mean we have to eat boring foods though! This Feed Me! Tart is so quick, easy, nutritious, filling AND can be eaten with one hand! - In my opinion that is always an extra bonus when breastfeeding!

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Feed Me! Boobie Banana Bread

Boobie Banana bread is another great 'on the go' food that you can quickly cut a slice of and eat single-handedly while feeding your baby! Not only is banana bread delicious, it's nutritious too! Why? Because of all of the factors our breast feeding biscuits describe + banana! Bananas will give you the extra calories and energy you need while breastfeeding, will aid digestion and are filled with potassium which helps to maintain your fluid and electrolyte balance. Enjoy a slice with a big glass of water! You and little babe will both be feeling Super Sunny!

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Feed Me! Breastfeeding Latte

When you are relaxed and holding your precious baby, the hormone oxytocin (the love hormone) is produced, allowing breast milk to flow freely. What better way to relax with our soothing yet fruity breastfeeding latte! It's so warming, smells delicious and is designed to give breastfeeding a boost since it is packed with natural goodness!

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