Smoothie maken met Sunny Mummy

Snelle en gemakkelijke Sunny Mummy’s Boost Me! recepten

 Je voegt onze mixen moeiteloos toe aan je dagelijkse eten en drinken. De eenvoudigste manier om je Sunny Mummy pow(d)er te gebruiken is door het door je yoghurt of havermout te roeren of toe te voegen aan een smoothie.

Hieronder vind je enkele gezonde en lekkere recepten voor wat extra inspiratie!

Boost Me! Granola Pizza

Pizza for breakfast? YES PLEASE! I love following food trends and then giving them a Sunny Mummy twist! It just goes to show, that no matter the recipe - my superfood mixes can be added to basically anything! Be creative and give it a go! It is healthy and delicious! The kids loved it too!

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Boost Me! Foccacia

Last week in another week of lockdown, home alone with the kids - it was lunch time. I looked in the cupboard and realised that we basically didn't have any food left in the house. I am the oldest of four children and my mum is half Croatian. I grew up eating Mediterranean inspired foods. Suddenly, I had a flash back of me as a little girl watching my mum staring in to an empty fridge - wondering what the heck she was going to feed us?! Luckily I also enjoyed watching my Mum make something out of nothing! That is one of her super powers for sure! Over the years, I have developed some of her skills too! SO, I saw that I had exactly the left overs I needed to make... FOCACCIA!

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Boost Me! Guacamole

Ik hou van avocado, het is een van de dingen die ik altijd in huis probeer te hebben! Rijk aan gezonde vetten, voedingsvezels en houdt je langer vol. Laatst maakte ik een cracker voor de lunch en dacht: hmmm ik vraag me af of Boost Me! ook lekker zou smaken in een simpele guacamole? Reken maar dat dat zo is! Probeer het zelf! Dit keer heb ik de gaucamole op mijn cracker gedaan maar het smaakt ook lekker als dip met verse komkommer en wortelstokjes, als broodbeleg of over nacho's! Wees niet bang om creatief te zijn! De mogelijkheden zijn eindeloos!

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Boost Me! Tzatziki

Last week (in lockdown) Koen and I decided to have a 'date-night-in' to celebrate the opening of Sunny Mummy! 14 Years ago on one of our first dates, we went to our local Greek restaurant because well... back in those days we were just happy about the free ouzo on arrival to be honest! Haha! Since then we have visited Greece on holidays and I always craved Greek food while pregnant! If I really think about it... WHY do I really LOVE Greek food?!... It HAS to be because of the Tzatziki (meze) dipping sauce! When we ordered take-in last week, we requested an EXTRA Tzatziki and to my shock they charged us 3 euro and 80 cents for the tiniest little tub?! I wasn't so mad about the money, I was more mad about the size! SO I decided to make even more extra of my own - with a twist of course! ... 

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Boost Me! Super Pancakes

Boost Me! Banana Pancakes zijn gemaakt met bananen, eieren, amandelmelk (of melk naar keuze), vanille, havermout, bakpoeder, kaneel, een snufje zout + Boost Me! natuurlijk. Ze zijn zo mooi en natuurlijk zoet dankzij de rijpe bananen.

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Boost Me! Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is soooooo easy! You can basically make it with your eyes closed and it's really not expensive either! You can dress a chia pudding up or down but despite of what it looks like, she's a powerful little doozy - just like you! The combination of the popular chia seed with our superfood Boost Me! mix is an overall #momlife WINNER!

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Boost Me! Salad Dressings

Dressings can make a BIG difference to your lunch, dinners and snacks! Dressings have the potential to lift your simple lettuce leaf into something WOW! Making your own dressing is so fast, fresh and interesting! There are so many different combinations that you can create using our Boost Me! base vinaigrette. Depending on what cuisine you're working magic on, you can alter a dressing to match! Like a purple tahini drizzel over your buddah bowl, a minty splash on top of your couscous salad, a honey mustard zing to your humble green salad or a pretty-pokébowl dressing? Our Boost Me! mix adds a lovely consistency, colour and subtle texture due to the chia seeds in the base. Not only will you be satisfied but you'll be boosting your nutrition too by adding extra nutrients including antioxidants, iron, vitamin C and fibre to every dish!

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