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Over Sunny Mummy

Welkom! Misschien ben je nieuwsgierig naar wie Jayde van Sunny Mummy is. Ik ben Australische en om je mijn verhaal zo authentiek mogelijk te vertellen ga ik verder in het Engels. This is my story...

I am Jayde (34), an Australian mother of three children and happily married to my Ductch husband Koen. Together with a cat, dog, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and tropical fish, we live a colourful life in Oosterhout.

I never knew what I ‘wanted to be' when I grew up. I've tried many radical career paths from joining the Royal Australian NAVY to studying a Bachelor of Education to become a preschool teacher, however these just didn't seem to ‘hit the sweet spot’. I realised persistence and enthusiasm come naturally to me yet it was purpose and passion I was really searching for…

I found these treasures where I least expected them. On less sunny days, when struggling with fertility. Later with my head in the toilet battling morning sickness, or seeking the courage to get through another day with postnatal depression. One evening while scrolling on my phone and feeding my baby, I read that only 16% of Dutch adults eat enough vegetables and 13% enough fruit (RIVM, 2021). I began to wonder if my diet was playing a larger role in my health than I realised?

If I was really honest, I wasn’t finding the time to properly take care of my health and nutrition. At this moment a fire started to burn inside, I became determined to find a positive and easier way to move forward with my holistic health and motherhood journey. So there the idea of Sunny Mummy was born where finding a solution to my struggles unexpectedly lead me to find my purpose, passion and most importantly myself.  

Sunny Mummy went live in December 2019 after Koen built software that helped us to analyse the nutritional values of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. This information allowed me to create the perfect ‘superfood’ mixes using ‘normal’ ingredients that both look and taste great for women! I spent months in the kitchen experimenting and developing my powders and later found European partners to help me professionally mix and produce Sunny Mummy. 
Over Sunny Mummy I feel truly grateful that I am able to support others on their health journey now as a certified expert in pre and postnatal nutrition. My mission is to educate the community about the importance of nutrition before, during and after pregnancy as this has lifelong impacts on child health. Food is medicine! When we practice a holistic lifestyle and incorporate wholefoods into our daily diet it can support fertility, a successful pregnancy, physical recovery, balance hormones, boost mental health, replenish postpartum nutrient stores and nourish breastfeeding mothers and their babies.  

I help women by offering my high quality ‘superfood’ powders and supportive health care products with the vision of making Sunny Mummy your ‘one stop shop’ for holistic health. I also enjoy sharing my nutritional knowledge through blogs written in partnership with orthomolecular therapists, midwives, doulas and other health care professionals. I have created a positive social media space where I have a beautiful following of like mined people wanting to improve their health, try new recipes and have a little fun.

It is very important to me that I continue to grow a conscious brand which is good for you, your baby and our earth. My mixes are made with organic ingredients and help fight against food wastage by using whole and imperfect produce. This enables me to generate a pure product with a long shelf life thanks to my freeze dried technology where 97% of the natural ingredients vitamins, minerals, colours, flavours and fibres are retained in my mixes.

Sunny Mummy is a life time member of the Sustainabe Development Goals (SDGs). These were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. I am very proud to say that I became a finalist in the Sustainable Family Awards and in October 2022 I won the Oosterhout Innovation Award for Sustainable Food.

Sustainability is reflected in my custom designed packaging with metal tops and bottoms which are carefully packaged in boxes made in the EU from recycled, biodegradable and responsible forestry materials. My award winning printing partner uses modern digital printing processes & techniques where Sunny Mummy's eco tape, paper fillings, flyers and labels are all FSC certified.

I hope you can appreciate all the extra love that goes into creating my small family business Sunny Mummy. I also hope you love my high quality mixes and enjoy adding these delicious powders to your everyday foods and drinks. If you have any questions, are interesting in working together, looking for wholesale prices or wanted to gift Sunny Mummy to a friend, I am very happy to hear from you!  

Super Sunny Vibes,  

Jayde van den Heijkant

Volg ons op Instagram @sunnymummy.nl

Instagram @sunnymummy.nl
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