About Jayde

Until my mid 20's, I lived in Australia and worked as a teacher (specialising in Early Childhood 0-8 years). I had always been a very active, energetic and a health conscious person. I had the time to exercise a few times a week at beach bootcamp, join a yoga class or go for a run around a nature track. I was always motivated and really enjoyed creating fresh, exciting and healthy home made meals...

In the last five years, Koen and I welcomed three beautiful children to the world! During this time, I recovered from three caesareans, moved to the Netherlands, entirely renovated our home and added a cat, four chickens and an Old English Sheepdog to the tribe! Between all of that; I struggle with an ongoing back injury and broke my ankle + injured my ribs last winter after an accident! ...What a roller-coaster!

At some point during my recovery, I noticed that I was putting a lot of effort into my children’s nutrition but realised I didn’t have the same amount of time (or energy) to nourish myself as I once did. I was constantly hearing similar stories from friends and family too and began to wonder…

Would it be possible to create my own ‘nutritional boosters’ to easily and quickly add to my routine? Could I help other mothers around me?

With support from my husband Koen, we decided to embark on this amazing Sunny Mummy adventure! Together we researched and created a tool that analyses the nutritional properties of whole foods + spent countless hours in the kitchen to independently create our very own pow(d)er mixes for women! We feel SO proud of this result! Day by day, I am satisfied that I am looking after myself better by incorporating my mixes to my meals in combination with a balanced lifestyle! I am grateful that I am able to exercise again after my recovery and am making it a priority to schedule in more time for myself to do fun things that give me energy!

This is how I find the balance to add more SUN to this amazing, yet challenging journey of motherhood!

I hope that you enjoy Sunny Mummy as much as I do! Thank you SO much for supporting our small family business!

With LOVE and Super Sunny Vibes!

X Jayde

Advice from a Sunflower...

Be Bright, Sunny & Positive,

Spread Seeds of Happiness,

Rise, Shine & Hold your Head up High!

- Author Unknown